Suede Gallery is pleased to present ‘georgette’ a group show curated by Love Unlimited, including work by:

Aitor Gonzalez
Rachel Jones
Isobel Neviazsky
Jordan Stubbs

The ‘white cube’ is separate from reality and is at its very core, a construct; an unreal space formed to ‘elevate’ things from reality. While this allows an artist to have a greater control over the experience of the viewer it also has the effect of removing some level of relatability. It creates a space and an experience that is outside of ones daily life. Suede as a gallery, situated within a domestic space and somewhat removed from a ‘white cube’ creates a space for works to exist in an environment that is comparatively closer to that reality. While the space is as much a construct, there is a complicated oscillation between it’s public and private roles. This context is of particular interest to Love Unlimited and is evident within our wider programme.
For ‘georgette’ the features of the room have been partially concealed with sheer curtains, to simultaneously highlight the domesticity of the space and the resultant isolation from this due to its operation as a gallery space. Visible within the selected Artist’s work is a strong sense of individuality and personal touch; positioned within the wider context of Art and the ‘Art World’ as a conceptual and historical entity.
Much of the materials each Artist works with are connected to traditional art discourse; and works are recognisable within that framework while notable by their differences. A seductive use of materials and challenging relationship to art history becomes both subtly and profoundly political. Works seem to come from a deeply personal perspective; producing and dealing with feelings of intimacy and furthering an association with the duality of public & private space.


Love Unlimited is an artist-led organisation based in Glasgow. Co-curated by Hamish Chapman, Freya Fullarton, Kirsty Mellon and Andrew Sim.

‘georgette’ is the third and final exhibition of Suede Reciprocal Program.

Preview 8th December 6-8pm.
Open by appointment 9th-15th December 2017.

Photo Credit: Malcolm Cochrane Photography






Jordan Stubbs.   Managing resources not a drain, 2017.
Aitor Gonzales.    Untitled. 2017. 
Aluminium, IKEA boxes, paint and sanded magazine.




Rachel Jones.    Untitled, 2017.




Rachel Jones.    Untitled, 2017.


Isobel Neviazsky.    Untitled Venus Drawing, 2017.