Santiago Paulós
curated by Charlotte Cole
12.05 – 19.05.2017

For his exhibition at Suede Gallery, Santiago Paulos imagines a world with options, a non-linear narrative, returning a figure to the land. The works are varied and the narrative extends to provide an understanding through connectivity, between the paintings and with the viewer. Paulos is interested in the presence and touch of the digital in contemporary society. How technological devices act both as extensions to ourselves and our interactions with the world but also how these perceived extensions are apparatus, to provide entry, to serve a purpose – lest we be reminded when a smashed smart phone returns to merely being a thing.

A touch of the uncanny, where gesture can render land upside down, storms are weathered, and castles built.

Photo credit: Daniel Cook.

Kayak - Santiago Paulos

PATH – digital video (03:29 mins)

Kayak - Santiago Paulos