Twisted Together

Suede Gallery is pleased to present a solo show by Aymeric Tarrade.
Preview 17th November 6-8pm.
18 – 24 November 2017

“We had ceased to believe our eyes, without even noticing. It was slightly like the “upside down” of Stranger Things. We first found ourselves asking, “Haven’t I have already seen this?” and at exactly the same time and following the exact same strange feeling, “Is this even something I recognize, something I can define, something I know?” Because gradually, yet also all of a sudden, the uncertainty that it wasn’t something that well defined had taken hold. Unwittingly we had fallen asleep at the wheel at the very moment we thought we had awoken to the route and the destination.”

– Roxanne Bovet

Twisted Together is the second exhibition of Suede Reciprocal Program and it has been created in collaboration with Thank You Very Much.

Thank You Very Much is a Glasgow based collective founded by Marco Giordano, Caitlin Merrett King, Aymeric Tarrade and Mark McQueen.

Photo credit: Daniel Cook



Twisted together.
Display, variable dimension, mdf, pva glue, cotton waste thread, recycled denim insulation, fluorescent batten light.
May contain, oil on canvas, 68×50 cm, 2017.






New horizon, oil on canvas, 54 x40 cm, 2017.


Crossing point, oil on canvas, 68×50 cm, 2017.


Installation view.





Mishmash, oil on canvas, 54 x40 cm, 2017.


Installation view.


Stumuli, oil on canvas, 68x50cm, 2017.



Installation view.